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Tải Camera 720 cho Android

Tải Camera 720 cho Android

Download Camera 720 cho Android

Camera 720 APK cho Android là ứng dụng chỉnh sửa ảnh miễn phí với nhiều tính năng và tùy chọn chỉnh sửa dễ dàng và nhanh chóng để tạo ra cho bạn những bức ảnh đẹp vô đối mà không một ứng dụng nào có thể làm giống như vậy được.

Tải Camera 720 miễn phí về điện thoại ngay hôm nay
Sử dụng Camera 720 bạn sẽ thấy thoải mái và tiện ích vô cùng nhờ những tính năng hấp dẫn, các stick vui nhộn cùng các công cụ, bộ lọc với nhiều hiệu ứng có một không hai giúp bạn tạo ra những bức ảnh dễ thương đẹp và độc nhất để chia sẻ cùng bạn bè và người thân.

Camera 720 for Android - free photo editing on Android

Camera 720 app for Android is a free editing with optional handle and decorative images, especially multiple photo filters. All requests that you want in a photo editor, camera 720 may respond.
Users can edit existing images on the computer or take a new image to use. No matter how you choose to use the camera image 720 will still allow you to use all the features of the free program.

Download Camera 720 for Android phone today to call processing your images easily and quickly.
Some key features in Camera 720 for Android:

One-Tap Enhance feature premium:
True to its name, use this option will change from an ordinary image into a work of art in just a light touch.
Add frames to photos:
Users can decorate photos with frames from minimalist to frame cute, funny, ...
Add effects to photos:
Camera 720 allows users to witchcraft for pictures with sweet effects, lovely ...

Add stickers to photos:
Editing application supports many types of stickers enough, helps the image becomes attractive, more fun. Users can rotate clockwise or resize the appropriate label to each image.
Magical editing tools (Magic Tools):
Camera 720 support available photo editing tools such as Auto-Level subtle (automatic image plane), Sharpening (increasing the sharpness of the image), Area-Auto-Level (automatically flatten the image), Blurring (as blurring) or red-eyes correction (red eye correction in photos).
Basic editing tools:
Camera 720 provides the basic processing features, but necessary in the image editing program such as color balance, cropping, rotation direction, straighten photos. Besides, users can also customize the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of images with simple tools.
Professional image editing:
Camera 720 allows users to blur or focus effects to create the most professional image.
Draw on a photo:
Users can choose different types of brushes to embellish the image.
Add text to your photos:
Users can customize the font, color, font size before leaving a few lines on the image. Additionally, you can also adjust alignment, adjustment or shadow effect of image clarity.
Save and share photos easily:
Camera 720 for export to a sharp HD images. The program will automatically save the edited photo library on your computer, you can access and edit anytime.
Besides, users can also share their artwork onto social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr ... or send it to friends via SMS easily.

When using camera 720, a user may not see the content in the frame (frame) and stickers (Sticker), meanwhile, simply press the Camera button Original 720 will automatically download the content on the you. Of course this can only take place when a user connects to the Internet phone.
Update in Camera 720 for Android:

Improved user interface.

To install APK files from Download.com.vn you need to set up devices can install the app on Google Play is not. To set this feature you need to go to the Setup> Security> in the device manager, select the Unknown sources (Allow installing apps not from the Market).

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