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Tải Camera360 độ cho Android

Tải Camera360 độ cho Android

Tải Camera 360 Ultimate về điện thoại Android
Download Camera 360 về máy miễn phí

Camera 360 Độứng dụng, phần mềm chụp ảnh đẹp lung linh và chuyên nghiệp nhất được các bạn trẻ teen và những người yêu thích chụp ảnh tự sướng lựa chọn và sử dụng như một ứng dụng quan trọng trên dế yêu của mình

Camera360 for Android - Application photographic effects on Android

Top photography apps on Android Camera360 Ultimate just had an update with many new exciting features, improving user experience of the user.

Download Camera360 version of Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year is coming very close. Let's celebrate Camera360 most important holidays this year with the photos bring festive atmosphere warm, playful. Complete stickers, frames, templates and decoration style are brilliant new year.
Press the "+" button to take a picture, "take a selfie" or video immediately. New Camera360 simplify the process so you can take pictures of the impressive selfie shots.
Touch the screen to view the photo details, see the photo on the slide can be easily followed.
Press photo caption Translate to translate.
With over 500 million users worldwide and nearly 3.5 million votes extremely well on the app store, Camera360 Ultimate appears to have carved out for themselves a very solid foothold among all editing applications photo on the mobile platform. Even a series of Japanese star and South Korea also said that Camera360 Ultimate is worth the experience. According to published statistics from the developer, the app has consistently ranked the leading position in the ranking of image processing tools in 7 countries, the proposed use on Apple's official homepage at 13 countries and is a leader gadget trends on mobile photo editing.
Salient Features of Camera360 Ultimate for Android

Perfect filter
Camera360 Ultimate gives users a wide range of tools to turn your photos become more impressive magic and, instead of the usual features such as a number of other image editing applications.
Over 100 classic filters, you absolutely can become a professional photo editor.
Filter management features, allowing users to save, delete and filter priority. This feature helps you create filters and choose favorite photos quickly when needed.
Some filters Highlights: Star Story, Magic, and Storm HDR Effect.
"Take a selfie" easier
Say "goodbye" to the photograph makes you look "half-real, half-virtual" instead and then use Camera360 Ultimate to get the photo with natural effects, giving you the experience truest.
Touch any position on the screen to shoot.
Filter light, makes it easy to take pictures' take a selfie "in the dark.
One touch to make skin becomes smoother, bigger eyes and become an "angel" in the blink of an eye. Everything completely natural way it can.
Edit faces with 3D mode: Highlight faces with lines.
Collection stickers humor Funny Stickers now supports the video is shared on Instagram, support background music, choose the label from a folder, supports face recognition much more.
Decorate your photos with creative photo stickerGhep
main function
Experience SLR photography features with many integrated features:
Intelligent scene recognition feature vignette blur and in real time.
Photographer: focus on bright spots, manually adjust the exposure mode and focal length.
Adjust Senior: white balance mode is more professional and adjust the opacity easier.
Features touch screen to shoot was supported again.
Allows off thumbnail preview mode in the settings.
Additional features Quick-Fix with 8 levels of beauty.
Additional features Auto Contour allows you to "create" face V is less than 1 second.
Does Photoshop has too complex for someone who does not know much about information technology as you? Do not limit your potential, instead, opt for Camera360 Ultimate to satisfy all your wishes. Experience all the features crop, rotate, adjust color temperature, tone and a series of other tools in the simplest way possible.
Any questions or suggestions to the developer, the user can send to the email address support@pinguo.us.
With such powerful features, you can decide whether to refuse Camera360 Ultimate app to choose a more sophisticated photo editing?
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