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Tải iKara 2017 cho Android

Tải iKara 2017 cho Android

Tải iKara 2017 cho Android- phần mềm ứng dụng hát karaoke miễn phí cho android
Download iKara về máy và cài đặt phiên bản iKara mới nhất 2017
iKara for Android - Sing Karaoke for free on Android

iKara is free karaoke application on your phone, tablet uses the Android operating system. With the number of songs in Vietnamese and English very big, you can delight without having to sing in karaoke bars.
Karaoke interface

With iKara you unleash your favorite songs right on your mobile phone. The app is useful for those who are preparing for the singing competition such as The Voice, X-Factor ...
Note: Android does not support audio playback from microphone to speaker directly (200ms delay), so we will not realize this function has somewhat offset the recording.
New features in the new application iKara

Share Zalo.
English language support.
Converted into a flat interface, more beautiful.

Salient Features of the app for Android karaoke iKara

Enjoy karaoke singing outside the room.
Recording his songs with ease.
Share recordings.
Users can edit, synchronous lyrics.
Search for the latest songs available today.
Add your favorite karaoke songs on Favorites.
Search for all collected and charts of all revenues.
The song charts by days, weeks, months.
User-friendly interface, very easy to use.
Install APK:
To install APK files from Download.com.vn ikara you need to set up the device can install apps not on Google Play. To set this feature you need to go to the Setup> Security> in the device manager, select the Unknown sources (Allow installing apps not from the Market).
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