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Tải My Talking Tom cho Android

Tải My Talking Tom cho Android

Tải game My Talking Tom miễn phí
Download My Talking Tom về điện thoại Android phiên bản mới nhất
My Talking Tom là trò chơi nuôi mèo vui nhộn và hấp dẫn đối với nhiều người chơi nhất là trẻ em và các bạn gái thì trò chơi nuôi thú cưng này càng trở lên hấp dẫn

Một số thông tin về trò chơi My Talking Tom mới nhất:

Outfit7 just bounce Play Store version for Android My Talking Tom Christmas season with many surprises. Space is decorated in festive style Santa Claus outfit and cute cat Tom, players also travel with the cat-speaking people in the adventure welcome the new year! Come play with us!

What's new on the My Talking Tom updates

Discover unique gifts for players My Talking Tom for this Christmas version.
Join the adventure at Christmas and welcome the new year with the cat Tom.
Unlike the animal game parody voices - series Game Talking Tom and his friends publisher Outfit7 in which players will say the animal also will repeat your own words by voice chatter, fun, My Talking Tom for Android opens an interactive experience broader, more comprehensive with cute cat Tom, directly on your smartphone and your Android tablet.

Designed specifically for users' favorite kinds of pets, animal lovers or children, My Talking Tom allows players to feed a kitten on his own and was named Tom. Your task is quite simple, tell Tom to eat, play with attention and nurturing to from a cute kitten, Tom becomes a cat mature and intelligent.
My cat Tom Tom in the game has become very familiar with simulation game lover, animal lover. Hopefully, next time Outfit7 will release mini-games, outfits for cats Tom more.
Tom cat asleep in the game My Talking Tom Cat food TomCho game My Talking Tom
In My Talking Tom for Android, players also have the opportunity to experiment with different fashion styles for cat Tom by trying the outfit in any way you like distribution map, select from the diverse collections the color, the style hat and sunglasses. Additionally, you can decorate your home this cute kitty to them a cozy atmosphere.
Have fun with funny cat Tom has never been so fun! Let's see how they become part of your everyday life!
The group Talking Tom app has been downloaded more original 500 million times and advancing to No. 1 in 140 different countries worldwide.
>>> Get more breeding cats My girl Talking Angela game for Android here.
Simple gameplay of the game My Talking TomGianh get interesting items in the game My Talking Tom
The main feature of the game My Talking Tom for Android

Nurturing their own cat Tom: Play games with cats, the cats eat the favorite food that note, let us go to bed on time ...
Enjoy the true feelings like in real life: My Tom can have fun, hungry, sleepy or bored ... Tom cat emotions always change depending on how you interact with notes.
Unleash your creativity: create a model of their own cat Tom and unlike any prototype by selecting from 1000 to coordinate accessories, clothes and furniture in the house.
Interacting with cats Tom: conversation and Tom will repeat anything you say. Pushing, hitting and then see the reaction Tom poked fun uncle.
Video: The video player can auto Talking Tom cat of their own and share them with friends and other players in the community (can only be used on devices running Android 4.1 or higher, see the list of devices in this link).
Play 10 exciting mini-games: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop and more. Yellow to make more money and enjoy the exciting moments of relaxation.
Visit "home" My Talking Tom's friends and other players: Admire the beautiful apartment and find another cat Tom, discover treasure and win lots of gold coins.
Get rewarded when you reach a higher level: Help the cat Tom pass 9 different challenge and more than 999 levels to unlock new items and collect a lot of money.
Information from the developer:
My Talking Tom was certified PRIVO. This means that application developers Outfi7 guaranteed security for the personal information of children. My Talking Tom is not allowed to share information in an unauthorized manner.
My Talking Tom also include the promotion of its products, link to website customers and other applications of the developer; connect the player to your friends via social networks; see the video of the cartoon characters of Outfit7 via YouTube; personalize content so that users can review; the option of using the IAP package; items with different prices, depending on the current level of the players; option to access all the features of the applications that do not require to pay real money to be experienced.

Virtual cat game review My Talking Tom for Android

My Talking Tom could say that the game attractive, suitable for many ages with simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and special cat My protagonist Tom know emotes like a real cat.
Easy to play and easy to control
Educational and suitable for all ages
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