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Tải Zing Mp3 cho Android

Tải Zing Mp3 cho Android

Tải ứng dụng Zing MP3 cho android
Download Zing MP3 miễn phí về máy điện thoại phiên bản zing mới nhất

Zing MP3 là ứng dụng, phần mềm nghe nhạc trực tuyến chuyên nghiệp nhất tại Việt Nam với đa số người dùng Android cài đặt và đánh giá cao trong thời gian vừa qua.

Zing Mp3 for Android - Zing Music on Android

Zing Mp3 Android music app is completely free online. With rich music store, high quality, full range of genres are constantly updated, is sure to bring a musical experience is great for users.
The app tracks in each category sorted by album, video, artist, charts, Top 100 and Hot Music theme. You can listen online or download directly on the machine easy to enjoy your favorite songs wherever you go.

Features of the app update Zing Mp3 player

Error correction can not be delivered at the same time as opening too many songs.
Redress the restart when heard repeatedly post on Android 6.0
Manage personal music library on the mobile becomes more simple and sync data automatically so you can access your music collection from your PC, tablet or SmartTV ... Listen offline as well as its strength Zing Mp3 applications when you can easily interact music stored on your computer to listen to, create playlists or choose to sync additional missing information (cover, lyrics, album, artist).
Zing Mp3 brings you a new type of player, smarter and more vivid, provides many essential features comes, brings interesting special on your device.
Zing Mp3 Mp3 for AndroidZing for AndroidZing Mp3 for Android
The main feature of Zing Mp3 music application for Android

Play the most popular music formats, support both lossless music (.flac, requires Android 3.1+).
There are widgets, music controller in the notification bar and lock screen (Android 4.0+).
Widgets on the lock screen for Android 4.2+ devices.
Control your music via headphones (can press 2 times / 3 times the play button (pause) to next / prev), display song information on the Bluetooth device.
Support increasing / decreasing the volume while continuing / stop, skip.
Support the sound effects, adjust bass, balance, virtualizer and reverb.
Smart search by voice, support both Vietnamese.
Turn up the app to browse / play when clicking the link to a song / video / album / playlist / artist on the website.
Watch high-quality video with resolution from 240p to 1080p different.
Full display song information such as album title, album art, artist name, song title, lyrics and music for online music offline.
128kbps unlimited music downloads, user account can download VIP Zing 320kbps and lossless music music (.flac).
Music online high quality (320kbps).
Manage songs, playlists, favorites ... like on the website.
Works offline and online play smart.
Create, manage and play your music by playlists offline.
English language Vietnamese side.
Chromecast support.
Install APK
To install the APK file you need to establish ZingMp3 device can install apps not on Google Play. To set this feature you need to go to the Setup> Security> in the device manager, select the Unknown sources (Allow installing apps not from the Market).
Review / assessment Zing Mp3 app for Android

With many outstanding features, online music application is completely free, ZingMp3 music store giant is leading choice of music lovers.
The compact size, support most Android devices
Search easily with ample amount of songs, genres
Support lyrics
Supports lossless music as a member VIP
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